Hope Acres offers adult men whose lives have been impacted by substance abuse the opportunity to develop the skills needed to lead a substance free life. Clients will learn these valuable tools through individual and group counselling and classroom session as well as evening electives. The length of the program, combined with its rural location provides the clients a place to practice these skills in an environment supportive of their needs and goals.

Group Counselling
Our groups are a place where you talk about and receive feedback on the “here and now” problems you are facing. Sharing with your peers is a powerful way to get feedback into your behaviours. Not only will you experience the relief of talking about your issues you will receive feedback, suggestions and support from group members to help you in your journey. These groups will be facilitated by one of our professional staff members but is expected that you will be an active participant in group discussions. The counsellor you have in group will also be the one you have for your individual sessions.

Individual Counselling
One to one counselling is an important part of your treatment experience. When you arrive at Hope Acres you will be assigned a counsellor. Together you will develop a treatment plan and work together on accomplishing the goals you have set. Your counsellor is also your “go-to” person for everything that happens during your stay. To gain maximum benefit from your one on one sessions you need to come to these sessions prepared to be Honest, Open Minded and Willing ( the HOW of recovery).

Hope Acres uses evidenced based material throughout the program to provide you with information that has been proven effective in dealing with substance abuse issues. Classes will focus on your mental/emotional health, your social and relationship health, general addiction and recovery information, managing high risk situations and relapse prevention.

Discharge Planning
Your counsellor will begin discussing with you early in the program your discharge planning needs. Given the length of the program most of your active work in discharge planning will occur in the final two months of the program.

Work Therapy
Your work life is often an area overlooked in recovery but is one that is normally affected by substance use to some degree.
During your stay at Hope Acres you will be assigned to a work therapy area of maintenance, janitorial or food services. Work therapy contributes to your growth socially, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Working helps provide structure and self-discipline and can increase your self-respect and self-confidence in significant ways. You will develop or grow in your basic work habits and practice working and co-operating with others. Being regularly involved and contributing to meaningful activities is an important part of your overall health.