About Us

On Saturday May 6 1967 The Salvation Army began their work in Glencairn ON when Commissioner Edgar Grinstead , Territorial Commander officially opened and dedicated Hope Acres.
The brochure that day included these words :
“to guide the people from Hell’s Alleys into healthy and useful lives as worthy citizens”.
This goal remains true today and Hope Acres still aims to bring people from the horrors of addiction to living lives of freedom and hope.
We believe that nobody is beyond redemption and that everybody needs and can experience HOPE and freedom. We know that everyone can leave the turmoil that has marked their life and experience peace with God, peace with themselves and peace with their fellow human beings
Hope Acres is a part of Toronto Harbour Light Ministries. We encourage you to visit their website at www.TorontoHarbourLight.ca. There you will find more information on our treatment centre for women, our work with Immigrant and Refugee services and the men’s addiction treatment program in Toronto, as well as the transitional housing program.
If you are exploring this website because you are concerned about your own substance use we want you to know that Hope Acres wants to help you address these concerns. While we will walk beside you on this journey but it is you and you alone that can do the work that is needed to recover. We will help, we will encourage and we will provide you with the tools that you will need. The quality of what you get FROM the program is directly linked to the work you put INTO your program.
If you are on this site because of concern for a loved one, we would encourage you to find support for yourself with others who understand the heartbreak of loving someone who is struggling with addictions. Friends, your local church and Al-Anon meetings are all excellent sources of support. Understand that you did not cause the problem and you can do nothing to make your loved one change. This may mean facing some difficult choices such as allowing those you love deal with the pain and consequences of their substance use. We would encourage you to have your loved one call our intake worker (no admission can happen without direct contact from the person in need of help) and to begin your own personal journey of healing and wholeness.

Change is Coming

Peace is Possible

Help is Here